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Capsicum/Bell Pepper Steak

Capsicum/Bell Pepper Steak
This is a family favourite. It has colour, taste, nutrition and is simple to make. Give it a try.
2 green onions 4 T. olive oil 4 T. soy sauce 1 tsp. thyme Dash of pepper 1/2 lemon, juiced 1.2 pounds or 600 grams flank steak or skirt state (ask your butcher), cut into serving portions 3 large capsicum (bell peppers), preferably different colours. Slice or dice it to suit your taste (we prefer to have it diced so you have colourful bits throughout) 3 garlic cloves
The key to this recipe is the marinade and also the quality of the steak.
Combine green onions, soy sauce, olive oil, thyme, pepper and lemon in a bowl and marinate the steak for as long as you can, at least for several hours.
Saute the capsicum/bell peppers, with the garlic in a small amount of oil in a medium skillet.
Add steak, sauté on each side until done.

Serve over hot buttered rice.
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