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Progressivism (P) Vs. Conservatism (C)

When you understand a problem, you are halfway towards a solution!
As we have learned, there are two sides of the on-going, half-century old ‘culture war:’ The left-leaning secular progressives (sometimes called ‘liberals’), versus the right-leaning traditional values conservative (also known as ‘social conservatives’). The secular progressives dominate our political parties, mainstream media, academia, big business, some parts of the judiciary, and the entertainment industry. Many mainstream people and some cultural leaders subscribe, at least in part, to the traditional values side.
This handy guide will help distinguish between progressives (P) and conservatives (C).
1. Worldview
P: Concerned with economic material side of man;
C: Concerned with the entire person, including moral & spiritual.
2. Identity
P: Identity Politics;
C: Character (Martin Luther King Jr., in his epic 1963 speech, I Have A Dream, said he wanted his children to be judged by …
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Vanity: def. futile, lost, a waste of time, worthless
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